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Market Strategy Weekly - December 2, 2022 

Strategas President and Head of Portfolio Strategy Nicholas Bohnsack breaks down the market heading into year-end. He shares a very useful framework for evaluating how to think about the stock market, and examines a few key items on that list.

Read the written report.

Mike Antonelli's Bull & Baird Blog

Mike Antonelli's Bull & Baird Blog

Mike Antonelli shares timely thoughts and ideas regarding the market and investor behavior on his blog Bull & Baird. His commentary is though provoking and easy to understand. He has been with Baird since 2007 and currently resides in Whitefish Bay, WI with his wife and children.

In the Markets Now by Ross Mayfield

In the Markets Now by Ross Mayfield

Ross Mayfield is an Investment Strategy on Baird’s Research team. He is a CFA® professional who works closely with financial advisors to educate clients about the economy and markets. In addition, he creates investment strategy content aimed at helping clients achieve their long-term financial goals.

Ross Mayfield, CFA is an Investment Strategy Analyst for Baird.  He puts together a monthly article on the markets and the latest market news.

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Baird Wealth Strategies

Baird Wealth Strategies

The Baird Wealth Strategies Educational Series is a monthly webinar offer live education and insights on timely wealth management topics. Further Education topics can be found on our Wealth Strategies Webinar Series page.

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